Tuesday, October 5, 2010

State Funeral and the Final Send-Off

State funeral or no state funeral is really not a big deal. In life we live for the sincerity and honesty of our contributions. From 'dust we come unto dust we go', as in 'come is void, go is void'. Does it make any difference whether a state funeral is accorded?

It is in the eyes of we human with all our 'make belief' idiosyncrasies that we propose this and do that to our whims and fancies. And if we really do not like a person, even if he/she is your next-of-kin, you may not care too hoots.

The greatness in an individual cannot be accentuated with pomposity.
The death would definitely never wish the living to waste so much resources on them if in all honesty may I ask, what real purpose does it show to the dead? Can he/she knows the extravagance accorded? Or just that the immediate family want a show of recognition of the passing which in no time will just fade into oblivion. Death is the end all. What power, fortune, recognition is but impermanence in death !?

We need to care more about the living. All will face death one day. It is the living that life is worth every penny for existence.

RIP, Mr Ong Teng Cheong...please do not arouse his serenity of eternity !

Mdm Kwa Geok Choo... RIP too ! Eternity in heavenly bliss.

patrick lee song juan