Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Low Thia Khiang bared all and stripped during the Punggol East By-Election rally?

Goh Meng Seng: "Opposition politics will never be the same again after Mr Low Thia Khiang’s rally speech tonight. (22.1.13). I believe that it is basically a public confirmation of distinct departure of WP from the rest of the opposition parties.

Maybe Mr. Low feels that with 8 MPs in parliament, it is an opportune time for WP to take flight and establish itself as in the same league as PAP….on the same boat as PAP. But one thing Mr Low must realize, the only thing could stay constant, is impermanence and this knife will cut both ways." - UNQUOTE

This article is written in response to Goh Meng Seng's relevation when he was in WP and his take on why Low Thia Khiang is not privy to opposition unity and solidarity....

I empathise with GMS sentiments, but let me put it to any political party, (WP included). It is natural and a prerogative that any one party that has a potential of growth and dominance in opposition politics will not want any merger or unity of sort. Furthermore WP have 6 MPs and 2 NCMPs in parliament. With that, it is unofficially the leader of opposition. And one more will be voted in this Saturday 26th Jan. 2013. Hence, WP goes its own way. Any other opposition party will do the same. Why should it benefit others when it have the strength to go it alone. So, let us reflect on such scenario.

The only disagreement I have with Low Thia Khiang (LTK) is, when facing with the obvious, it is better left unsaid than said. WP had all along gone its own way and direction in politics..All would have felt that and have eyes to see. Need not to be a politician to realize that. But in argument, we would question is it the right place and time to announce it in a by-election rally??

Having it announced in a rally, it makes PAP's day. In all probability PAP has always look down on opposition parties, unable to stand on 'even grounds' with them. Now with LTK's confirmation of such, it put a smile on PAP, but created ripples in the opposition arena.

Opposition politics have come a long way since the watershed GE 2011, breaking the invincible GRC of PAP's..And it was not an ordinary GRC..Three cabinet ministers fell in one scoop..PAP was never prepared for such embarrassment of defeat and to them it was a big lost..The rest is history!

In-so-far as the political culture in S'pore is under the prolong and protracted dominance of PAP, with no opposition parties able to stage a strong upheaval, only WP is that far to do it, not instantly, but with the march of time...And time is of essence!!

And on that note, why should WP waste their time thinking and discussing unity with any other parties when each party will always harbour certain agendas in a merger. The infamous RP merging into SDA before GE 2011 and RP KJ's 11 points of merger showed the darker sides of an otherwise good intention. The rest all knew the outcome.

Let opposition politics build its own potential with that ability to attract creditable and better qualified candidates to expand their member base and in the process counter PAP on fair terms of political supremacy.

WP has secretly done that. Introducing their new members to speak at their rally.
So, it is the party and the SG of a party that will make or break a party.

Chiam See Tong and Kenneth Jeyaretnam had definitely dissipated their own party into a pathetic state of selfish power control and mass exodus of members...A sad and sorry foregoing.

Nevertheless, WP is making headway and inroad and to a lesser degree SDP, with NSP cautiously behind.  The other parties have a long way to surface from the deep blue ocean.

patrick lee song juan