Monday, January 28, 2013

Blind Masseurs and Blind Massage.

Blind Masseurs and blind Massage...dedicated to
Wee Sin, a blind masseur and FB friend.

Being blind is a 'rare gift' of God
Life destiny is not us to ask
A blind person has more to last
Learning to face the darken world.

Knowing life is a long struggle
Learning a skill one will not suffer
A blind man's only contact is his feel
Picking massage is a good skill.

Self-sufficient with one's pride
Earning a living with all his/her might
Without a reliance on a handout
A masseur's hand is his asset.

Giving a good massage for an hour's job
The wonders of the masseur's hand
Pressing your anatomy with tender might
Revitalizing one's fatigue delight.

The encounter of a masseur life
Can be  noble without deny
Everyday is a challenge on the go
Eventually the masseurs reach their goal.

patrick lee song juan - copyright.