Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Kenneth Jeyaretnam should not contest in this coming Punggol East By-Election (PE BE).

WHY Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) should not contest in this PE By-Election .

News has it that KJ of RP is 90% contesting and 10% 'withdrawing'...Let me treat Kenneth as a friend in view of my respect and brief association with his late father JBJ. I still treasure and keep his two books,
'Make it right for Singapore' and 'The Hatchet man of Singapore.'

Do not let your Dad's legacy dies..It is not losing face if you withdraw completely from PE BE now. It will be when you partake and lose pitifully and also your deposit. Whatever JBJ had built up all those years will become nothingness.

You can live to fight in the bigger GE 2016 and by then I hope your credibility would surge higher and people will join your party. If you were to lose this PE BE, whatever little credibility you have left will be completely washed into the deep ocean. The final result will be your own nemesis.

Think of your Dad...think of how you want RP to flourish into a strong party...rather than the pride and ego of face-saving...For you have not lose your countenance yet.....

Even before polling day...the outcome is as sure as the sun rises..SDA will be 'humtum' till thy kingdom come and lose the contest with only 3% vote. SDA will vanish into oblivion as an egoistic loser the second time with deposit..And I sincerely hope Desmond Lim will retire from politics to look after his young family and good wife Jolene.

SDP..due to their blunder of "joint campaign" is nursing a bad bruise. SDP is sure to lose too...They may be lucky to garner 12.5% votes to retain their deposit..

STATISTICS can never bluff...The contest is only between WP and PAP..It will be a close call because of SDP and SDA in the fray of 4 corner contest....or  5. Anything can happen just yet!

Stay with discretion of life's possibility...and live to fight the bigger GE of 2016...You will still be the son of the man and you will make the father of man proud of you..

I never forsake people as friends as a mindful meditator but many  so called friends forsake me due to my harsh reality of frank words from my heart..It hurts!

Ego and Pride has no place in a human world..but it is always here to stay.  How sad...!!

patrick lee song juan