Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Litmus test of Oppositons.

The litmus test....of oppositions !

Being an optimistic guy, it may not be that bad for PE BE to have a 4 corner contest.... The dilution of votes to all the parties may see PAP or WP emerged as winner. The margin of win will be only one or two percent point! Thanks to opposition disunity, but that is what politics is all about..Fame and recognition at all costs, even in losing but no fortune for the lost !

At this juncture, I can say politics is not only unscrupulous, it is a blind propaganda search too by other parties trying to put themselves to the litmus test, knowing too acidic it can be.

SDA's acidity was a revenge of sort...since you (WP) did that to me in GE2011 by coming in as the third party and caused my disgrace of only 4.1% vote and lost of deposit, I am NOT going to let you win this time round...Will be glad PAP retains the ward again...So much for opposition unity...each has its agenda...Corrosively acidic !

SDP's entering into the fray is short-circuited by its own "marriage of inconvenience" It is like after I impregnated my wife, you please bring up my baby.  So, it is do or die now, no backing off...Over-concentrated acidity.

RP is unlikely to contest if Kenneth is still sound in his mind, He gonna turn his famous dad JBJ in his grave...His litmus test is over alkaline..

Benjamin Pwee is a remote outsider without a party base. He will corrode under his own acidity...

The two pierrots is not worth mentioning and I will not even want to mention their names....neither acidity or alkalinity only by unsoundness...(madcaps)

PAP needs no litmus test. Koh Poh Koon knows the 'neutrality' of the anal orifice with a pH of 7....

patrick lee song juan