Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Judgement day on Saturday 26th Jan 2013- Polling Day.

Its been a week gone by after campaigning and political rallies. So far PAP only held one rally with a reasonable turnout of crowd. WP already held two rallies and one more coming up tonight (23.1.13)
RP held one  rally with dismal attendance of crowd.

As usual WP's rallies are crowd pullers. This Punggol East BE is no different. The only different is the intense interest of residents to know and understand WP and  the crowd size is also indication of real support of WP.

S'porean have lived too long under the despotic rule of PAP..and policies are tuned to their own economic excellence. In so doing, citizens are feeling the regret that they should have voted more opposition candidates into parliament for a stronger representation of their interests.

PAP has interest too but all for their own elitist wanting..Imagine Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew without much ado, after the bus drivers fiacso, intended to increase transport fare for no apparent reason than the bottom-line of profit..

The AIM debacle is a smack on PAP and Mayor Teo Ho Pin.. Downright 'legalised corrupt' on their dealings and all. Need no elaboration. As WP Sylvia Lim had said it clearly in her last night's rally (22.1.13)..And the hoo-ha on the on-line media.

PAP has gone from bad to worst. Citizens are not 3-year olds..The time has come when citizens can clearly reason why PAP should not be ruling S'pore.

With 4-corner is actually only two horse running. Too bad we have two sick mares wasting their time, unable to see the reality of politic truth..I must admire their optimism in believing that they can. But the bare truth is they really cannot make it...RP's rally was attended by a mere 200 people (maybe  blamed on the rain). more innovative or knowing the attendance part, decided on on-line rallying.

I have to salute Desmond  Lim for his dared-to-die attitude of a political first on on-line  rally..This is his credit. But when viewing his 'sermon', it was more like teaching primary school kids than a political rally on-line speech. I really feel for him and that is the reason I got goose-pimples watching it.

PAP...due to the netizens and citizens sentiments of anger and disconsolation and dismay, postings and coffeeshop ah peks feedback,  is more gracious this time round, albeit still showed their arrogance especially the colorectal surgeon Koh Poh Koon. The more he spoke, the more we smell the elitist DNA in him though only a week or so as members of the PAP..catapulted as a ministerial 'commodity' by LHL..PM always uses this ruse but he always failed miserably..LHL is getting denser in his 'intellectual judgement' of circumstances.

The judgement day is  three days away and Lee Li Lian will be the one and only one voted into parliament. A victory to WP, is sending the strongest message to PAP of their inclining demise and decline.

patrick lee song juan