Thursday, January 24, 2013

The light and serious side of Political Rallies !!

Before I even proceed...PAP's Koh Poh Koon will lose Punggol East SMC by-election on 26/1/2013.

Cooling day is not that cool...The media propagated the PAP with added vigor..When the 'master' asked Straits Times to bark..they bark like a faithful lost dog..

In a nutshell, the nine days of campaigning and rallies revealed the lighter side of dirty politics. No more character assassination but plentiful of rebuttals and counter-rebuttals.

RP should be voted as the most comical of rally performers...that is the lighter side of happenings...Watching and listening to speakers of RP, is like one is in a rock concert...Every pitch and tone is high metal decibels to resonate a deaf ear. Some of their speeches are in periphrasis with the mentioning of JBJ more than 25 times in the first night rally..Does the mention of JBJ really assist them in garnering votes? I just wonder is the son KJ and the rest disturbing JBJ's eternal slumber!!

And we have a gentleman politician whose tagline is "I have been in politics for 20 years!" But in politics, if you want to act like a gentleman but with hidden agenda, you should know how
unprincipled your politics can be!!

But the most entertaining of rallies was from WP..serious on local and national issues yet lightly soothing to the ear! Watch live from home internet video is a first too. Sylvia Lim captivates my attention most by the charisma and sweet 'Swee Lian' smile when she delivers a point across and the crowd went hilarious wild. Sylvia has her ways to attract the crowd's attention. She only need to smile and many would melt (ahem!)

Lee Li Lian (LLL) had improved tremendously after the first rally in her rendition in English. She strikes the heart-cord of the average residents and citizens as the girl-next door underdog...She will win the by-election and excel further.

We have our lay-back speaker SG Low Thia Khiang (LTK), whose every words in the rally is a message to the residents and a caution that PAP is becoming the Lord of the Jungle.....meaning it is only their laws an policies against the citizens will.

PAP's rally I viewed live on the net last night...They coerced ordinary residents to go on stage to speak and one was saying KPK even in his hunger state offered her his lunch pack..Is that what we term compassionate, in the moment of one's motive.??.

PM LHL is saying his takes on cohesion and construction politics and not divisive politics..even just because opposition presence needed for checks and balances of PAP shady deals in a PAP Incorporated S'pore.

So checks and balances is called divisive politics by Our PM....then what is 'legalized corrupt politics???

So VOTERS of for a voice who can, for sure, have your interest in parliament, not the cronies of PAP....

Your vote will decide your life, your children's life, your children children's life in a more participating and compassionate S'pore of the ordinary citizens not of the ELITISTS PAP !

patrick lee song juan