Thursday, January 10, 2013

The contest of Punggol East (PE) is between WP, SDP and PAP

The race at Punggol East by-election (PE BE) is between WP, SDP and PAP by default of "The Illicit race of Palmergate Derby"

Let us forget about those other parties, SDA and RP who want to contest in PE BE...but focus on WP and SDP...these two parties that will really stand a chance to beat PAP to the finishing line..

In this 100 metre dash...WP surely has a good head-start in view of their past GE 2011 results and experience with the residents of Punggol East ..

But then..the nine days of campaigning, anything can happen...Whoever can 'brainwash' the residents (I mean convince) their truth, sincerity and credibility as their to be elected MP in parliament, will stand a better chance..And the contents of the rally speech is of utmost importance...Hit on the issues affecting all sectors of S'poreans' lives..not below the belt..

PAP is good in introducing high profile professionals. But is title important or the ability to feel for the citizens and have empathy for their real problems the people faced...Anyone can talk and provide lip-service. No different from Koh  Poh Koon a political greenhorn. Just because he was with the RC will not qualify him to understand others well. It needs more from a person, truly come from the sincere heart not the smiling countenance only...Words can hide the minds intention, truth or otherwise of any agenda than integrity of a pure character..

And with Big Nose Teo Chee Hean with the (anal) colorector doctor Koh Poh will be the doctor's nemesis...Many citizens just cannot relate to Big Nose snobbishness and high-air...And this anal doctor would have plenty of flatulence in his arse...Already said he is a Punggol boy..What is this guy trying to say...? Lived in Punggol when he was only a baby of 3 years and claimed to be a Punggol boy...
It is rather incredible for Koh to say that!! This is where word delivered is difficult to retract !!

Opposition candidates always gain my respect in their moral courage to  withstand the insurmountable
obstacles of PAP dominance, yet brave enough to face the incumbent..In life it is always easier to sail with the help of a smooth tail wind....In this respect... PAP's new candidate Dr.Koh is left wanting !

WP and SDP...the tuft is yours to ride your horses to the finish line....but WP's mare is stronger than SDP's stallion by a length.....

Good luck to the two opposition candidates of WP and SDP whoever may be.

PAP is the incumbent and it is the party not the fresh from the oven face !!!...

Latest (12/1/13)...

 SDP has shot themselves in the foot with their 'joint campaign' proposal to WP..

(15/1/21)......SDP withdrew from the Punggol East by-election contest in a  turn of event!

patrick lee song juan


WP......Workers Party
SDP.....S'pore Democratic Party
PAP.....Peoples Action Party
SDA....S'pore Democratic Alliance
RP........Reform Party