Saturday, January 26, 2013

What is Political Awareness?

What is political awareness ? It is not political obstinacy for sure!

RP and SDA lost big with only 353 and 168 votes respectively..And SDA is forever unable to regain that lost dignity of 1386 votes from GE 2011 to 168 votes in Punggol East By-Election..The devastation is heart-shattering...And DL said he will be back..Back from where?? Sheer obstinacy with the least of political awareness of one's weakness with a political culture for 20 years!

If a politician has no political awareness of the ground happenings and the feedback from the net and Ah-peks' coffee-shop gossips and aunties cursing at markets that there are two clowns playing in the Punggol East 'circus', that is not mindfulness.

From day one when SDA announced it wanted to contest, I been feeding it with negative and pessimistic connotations but a deaf ear was turned towards me...I meant well. The result said it all.

RP...has far more awareness of his father's legacy than his ability. Stubbornness has no place in politics of awareness. The result said it all too. JBJ legacy is forever curtailed in the hands of KJ. Has he that mindfulness of retreat, he would have saved it to fight for another day..He did not heed my article calling him not to contest.

SDP, by far has that political awareness knowing it was not to their benefit to be in a five corner fight , withdrew with dignity..They lived to fight another day..Though criticism was aplenty when they stepped away from the fray...from on-line to MSM..all negative reports on SDP.

With political mindfulness SDP sailed through and it was a blessing in disguise. Now SDP is hailed as the hero who knows how to manipulate itself in the arena of dirty politics.

Another chapter is written in the history of S'pore politics whereby two SGs of two parties lost their deposit in one outing and one even did it simultaneously twice in a roll. A poll of 353 votes and 168 votes is a record worthy of the Guinness Book of Records..

Where do we acquire political awareness when one is not mindful of one's strength and weakness.

Ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge with awareness is where one flies to heaven. The wound may heal but the scar is a sad reminder.

patrick lee song juan

DL......Desmond Lim

SDA....S'pore Democratic Alliance
KJ.......Kenneth Jeyaretnam
JBJ......Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam
RP.......Reform Party
SG.......Secretary General
SDP.....S'pore Democratic Party