Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Political credibility or Incredibility.

Credible or incredible is all in the politics of manipulation...But as long as you have the ability to know your strength and can live to fight another day...Politics is not about pseudo ego and pride..oblivious of mass criticism of you...

Let me ask this question...who can really understand the simple word politics in the real world of political dominance and authoritarian rule..Political stubbornness is a sure way to die a quicker death..

A good politician is one who can weigh others feedback, brickbats and examine their position...not head on confrontation and knowing the sentiments are not yours to garner....But still want to fight on a lost credibility!

On that note we give accolades to any party who can weigh their strength and weakness and never be ashamed to cave in (admit) when they know their mistakes...

PAP is falling apart gradually because they would not listen but just impose their sole power over the citizens strong emotions...Hence PAP is going on the decline as most S'poreans are tired of their rhetoric and false sweetness.

SDP has come a long way since their abode in Changi palace ...they are wiser now and are more participating in the citizens interest of sort....Their withdrawal is not due to their pre-matured plan B, but SDP had steered off-course, and the people screwing them for that failed 'joint campaign' with WP.

That make us "equally important to listen" said by Chee Soon Juan SDP's SG. Hence they withdraw from the Punggol East By-Election...A creditable choice and decision !

patrick lee song juan