Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The forgotten citizens of Singapore!

Seniors 65 and above in S'pore are all discarded as had beens..Past their economic value to the country...That is what PAP government's mentality..a economic liability to the nation..Sigh!

To this day, PAP rolled out goodies and frisbees for young citizens, to be married couple ( the just announcement of the parental package and and extra aids for kids with major illnesses.)

Today,(24.1.13) the PAP laid another gold platter for parents leaving children in Childcare Centres..Is it a sinister co-incidence of the Punggol East By -Election (PE BE) ? Another sugar-coating of bitterness..coming under the agenda of political manipulation at the expense of innocent citizens. PAP should never use political tools to achieve their selfish means!! the eyes of PAP are a liability to the State..hence there is no empathy and compassion for the ruling PAP to assist seniors..but to let us rot with sickness...and suffer the indignity of abandonment by our govt.

To the govt of PAP ..if your vested interest to the country is not economically sustainable ...why would the govt help you?..You are no more contributing to the country.

Hence Seniors of S'pore are the most sad lot of citizens compared to many in countries of the world!!
And S'pore is claimed to be a First World country by PAP!!
patrick lee song juan