Friday, January 18, 2013

My satirical dig at Desmond Lim (DL) and Kenneth Jeyaretnam(KJ)..

A satirical dig at DL and KJ for a lost cause !

DL and KJ can be the Wang Sa and Ya Fong of S'pore
One wasted his 20 years in political circle
The other the prodigal son of a legacy
But nothing lives up to the reality.

DL is adamant to be a fighter
Without the consideration of his 'foes'
Politics is a manipulative fare
Which for twenty years he is unaware.

KJ came back like a storm
Removed Teck Siong out of his way
That made his father turned in his grave
A double first but triple last
Always in the line of netizens' lambast.

S'pore politics sinking in the swamp
With SGs that cannot swim
The likes of DL and KJ are the oppositions' nemesis
Foolhardly with their ego and pride
Believe in their false delight!

The poll will be the test
statistic can never be played
for outcome will put both to rest
in unreality of their stupid fray
Both to lose their deposit there !

patrick lee song juan

DL....Desmond Lim of  SDA
KJ.....Kenneth jeyaretnam of RP