Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Politics of Democratic Participation.


The withdrawal of SDP from Punggol East BE marks a turning point in the direction of SDP's understanding of the sentiments of citizens and netizens. Their Achilles heel of 'joint campaign' accelerated their decision to back out.

A wise move doubtlessly. and by that rational gesture, many view the action as befitting a creditable party whose mindset on feedback is open and listening.

Nevertheless, the time will come especially during GE 2016 when more credible opposition candidates will join the opposition parties and more participating in each constituency, 3 or 4 corner fight will be inevitable.

In a true democracy, this scenario should be the norm but due to the hegemony and dominance of PAP for so long and lacking the manpower opposition partaking, S'pore's political setting as a democratic state is questionable..

Many GE's ago ...opposition just could not have candidates to field in the PAP created GRC and thus PAP's GRC was their political triumph card to castrate opposition contest.

Many people had no chance to vote up to 2011. Many constituencies were walkovers (due to demarcation into GRCs)...This is not democracy but oppressive authoritarian rule, worst than communism.

The awakening wave of tsunami came in 2011...when the 'emotional dilemma' of citizens' upsurge of wrath and emotional anger gave way to almost full contest of every ward except Tanjong Pagar due to a technicality.

True democracy is not the power of a government...It is how a govt. can uplift citizens life under their 'liberal' control. But the rule of PAP had become draconic, despotic, dictatorial and elitist.

When Khaw Boon Wan said about housing which he said offering a Lexus at Corolla price, he is deluding his mighty position, unable to see or do not want to see the true substance of hardship of citizens to his ivory tower living..He talks easy and utter craps, tantamount to talk cock sing song in a karaoke lounge but he said that in parliament !

He forgot many citizens cannot even buy a Corolla....This is his blindness of his autocratic attitude...Is meritocracy still alive in S'pore? Only for the PAP.

Hence PAP cannot be ruling S'pore any much longer after their monopoly of 52 years..Robbing all poor citizens of their dignity and eroding the very mandane lives of many citizens with the multitude of foreigners influx. Life today in S'pore is a sardine can.

Singapore is no more a motherland for S'poreans. It is the foreigners making our Republic a stepping stone for a better life in the likes of Li Jia Wei (the ping pong girl) who after making $1.27 million dollars as a imported citizen, retired prematurely and went back to China to live happily ever after.

Our PAP government had betrayed us citizens outright and sold our motherland to the dogs ~ Our infrastructures and core businesses are all foreign own !!

And the system owns the great and mighty GIC with Temasek Holdings their money-making machinery and the PM's wife at the helm.

Singapore is a country rule by nepotism and political connectivity..and a totally legalized corrupt republic of the famiLEE !!

Let me ask this heartfelt question: Is Singapore a true democracy? You all know too well what is the answer. Our sub-consciousness is crying into our conscience, lamenting our children's children life in years to come.

PAP must be voted out !

patrick lee song juan