Saturday, January 26, 2013

the Aftermath of Punggol East By-Election (PE BE)

The aftermath of PE BE...

All things come to an end
PE BE ended with a big bang
PAP lost big and never repent
Kind words and magnanimity to our gain.

DL was a total KO
KJ almost fainted with that score
One got 168 and the other 353
Even the monkeys scrambled up the tree.

The result was pathetic to see
PAP has to say many sorry
Li Lian is happy full of glee
With KPK nowhere to be seen.

LHL was shy to meet the press
Big Nose had to take his place
We will follow the programme through
Many residents are happy too
It is buy one and get two.....

patrick lee song juan

Dedicated for the love of PAP's lost.

DL.......Desmond Lim
KJ........Kenneth Jeyaretnam
KPK.....Koh Poh Koon
LHL......Lee Hsien Loong
Big Nose...Teo Chee Hean