Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For a Better Life, VOTE for Lee Li Lian (LLL)

Vote for our sweet girl-next door Lee Li Lian (alias Lee Ah Lian..the well-endowed swee chabo).

Lee Li Lian of WP and candidate for Punggol East BE is a simple Ah Lian (her name) girl-next-door. When I first met her many months ago when I walked past Pritam Singh's Meet the People Session (MPS)..It was held only two blocks from my abode.

Li Lian was assisting Pritam and saw me and came forward to acknowledge, calling me. She projected to me a simple Ah Lian but without pretension and snob. We chatted for a while and I took my leave home. Pritam was busy with his MPS with residents.

Li Lian is synonymous with anyone of us. No high-air and unassuming, also friendly. She will make a good MP for the people if voted into parliament.

A far cry is Koh Poh Koon,(KPK) appeared with aplomb as the elitist kind but got to tone down to become a Punggol boy !!

The next 9 days will be tough work to walk the ground and engage residents from all walks of life...Be yourself and act natural and emit the true warm not pseudo pretentious acting..(KPK as I observed is a facade of his arrogant self when he almost blew up when reporters suggested he brought out his 'pathetic' past to win sympathy votes..... We begin to see a 'real' character in KPK)..

The voters have a choice of a better life not a life under the despotic PAP..where the lives of citizens are deeply stressed and affected by their draconian policies..
Li Lian can assist the residents on many local issues and sincerely will help to solve it.

VOTE for WP's girl-next-door LEE LI LIAN. Vote for a simple sincere sweet Ah Lian not a arrogant coat-hanger pretentious and high-air smiling tiger PAP's Koh Poh Koon.

Optimistically...Lee Li Lian should win by a close call, if any vote swing is not too drastic towards KJ and DL

patrick lee song juan


WP.....Workers Party
DL...... Desmond Lim
KJ....... Kenneth Jeyaretnam