Monday, January 14, 2013

Miss Lee Li Lian (WP) vs Dr koh Poh Koon (PAP).

PAP PROFESSIONALS and ARMY GENERAL MINISTERS AS PROVEN HAVE LESS EMPATHY AND COMPASSION TO AVERAGE CITIZENS, because they had never really tasted what is poverty with the poor folks of S'pore !! Some ministers after the elevation just cannot remember their source of lives....

After introducing the so-called Punggol boy's elite and strong professional title...PAP find it more appropriate to tone down to mention Koh Poh Koon's (KPK) father was a bus driver and he tasted hardship when he was garner sympathy votes.

PAP has lost the reality of themselves to create their own elitists world and everyone of their members must be high professionals...Have a life man PAP !! Ordinary folks are true to their hearts and minds...

Doctor title (can make some people 'awestruck') started on the wrong note..too high key!!

Look at Lee Li Lian, a simple girl-next-door, understanding the heartlanders lives better because Li Lian herself truly had lived through it.

So, who is the better anal doctor or a simple girl-next-door!

Vote for the one who can care for the citizens feelings and woe of PAP's draconic policies..

In this respect KPK will be a faithful dog to harp the master voice of their policies' right even he sincerely knows it will cause hardship to S'poreans...Because Koh Poh  Koon will be lacking the moral courage in a government of cronies and 'kah kee lang' (teochew lingo: own gang or people)..

patrick lee song juan