Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is Election Smart !

Has SDP gone soft in their approach to Democracy and Freedom in the face of PAP dominance? No, they have not. they have strategized their stand. I believe this is the right and rational stand SDP should take to engaged PAP for the benefit of Singaporeans. As I had mentioned before, S'poreans will not like people to keep on going to 'Changi palace' (jail) for free meals. S'poreans definitely would like to see SDP to have candidates voted into parliament and spread their wings, soaring with the freedom of representing citizens for the lacking voice in parliament.

SDP has not gone soft but election smart! The currents issues and are those that strike at the heart-string of citizens viz..high cost of living, influx of foreigners, ministers overpay and minimum wage, etc. These are the real 'bread and butte'r urgency of everyone. Citizens will not care what is democracy and freedom of speech when they themselves are speechless to try to make ends meet. And not only SDP did not help to solve their woes, SDP members seem to enjoy going in and out of 'gaol' for no better reason than for their so-called democracy and freedom of speech. May I ask..can Democracy and Freedom even if they do materialize...will that automatically give the citizens all the needs they want and make their ends meet?? Hence citizen lots are pragmatic jailbirds can never help us. Parliamentary birds can. Guess the picture is now void of its silhouette (meaning it is clearer.)

So, confrontational politics and 'civil disobedience' or disturbance is not a brand of politics in S'pore. The consultative approach is the right approach. SDP did a fantastic job at their rally on 25.9.2010 at Speakers corner.

The only eye-sore that is not in congruency to the event is the speech by Vincent Cheng. Yes! all of us do not want ISA. What had happened was years ago. I personally am sympathetic to Vincent's ordeal. And definitely the PAP government had done grave injustice to many political victims of ISA. But can they turn the clock back on their predicaments? Dr.Lim Hock Siew in one of his famous youtube video speech on his detention was so poignant, I really became emotional too when I watched the video speech. It is always easier to have our head over-ran our heart. As long as we can let go the hate and injustice...we will be a happier person, which I noticed the sadness in Dr. Lim countenance.

It is really sad to be unhappy when we know not much can be done yet. Patience may be the art of hope and faith.. will see us through our ordeal. So, I hope Vincent Cheng will try to forget that he only slept 3 hrs when he was arrested 'donkey years ago'. The impending thought is as derogatory as a troubled mind. Fong Swee Suan is one ISA victim now leading a happy life. I know I can never experienced what they had gone through. That I have to salute all political victims of ISA.

SDP will do well following the road to peaceful transition of power. The opportune time will come. It is only the essence of an awakening.

For nothing is indissoluble. We will live to see the change take place and who knows Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) will be the dominant party of the opposition, hand in hand with Workers Party (WP).

PAP will go down in history as the longest surviving party to rule
Singapore for 60 years !! That is 10 more years to go !?

patrick lee song juan