Saturday, September 25, 2010

SDP's brand of Politics in the Fold of PAP

I always believe SDP can do much more if CSJ did not start his campaign on a personal vendetta against PAP. Yes! PAP and MSM propagated his misery and cast aspersion to his cause. CSJ aggravated it through thoughlessness of action !!

SDP's form of democracy, at times is view more 'confrontational' and smacks of 'civil disturbance'. I suspect that due to SDP's relentless effort to bring attention to the public in their brand of politics...the government re-invented counter-measures to curb SDP's 'free movements'. And SDP are the most famous 'jail-birds of our century ..going into the Guinness book of records as the most number of members in one party in the world to be in and out of 'Changi palace'.

SDP's ideology may be simple but in the eyes of the government when you are not with us , you are against us. Your democracy may be right for you, embracing 'western norms of 'over-liberty'. But to PAP it is a no-no in the context of our Asian values and culture. Hence in this area CSJ failed quite miserably to try to inject over-strong socialism into a system of monopoly governance by the PAP.

A good bet for SDP will be, go with the flow of the tide and try not to knock an 'egg against a solid rock'. There are many ways to fight absolute and authoritarian rules....going to 'gaol' is definitely not one of them. We live to fight another day.....why be bankrupted by the authority which is playing into their 'domino game'.

Stay smart please !!

patrick lee song juan