Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Marginalised Singapore Citizens

@Wilson, well documented. Your perspective is 'far-reaching'. Yes! many S'poreans..the rich ones are living in their comfort zone.. I am 'the voice for the poor' dared not say 'champion', no way.

I am talking about the poor, the destitute, ...the very low income citizens, living hand to mouth..and if disaster struck them faced-blank....their simple and hard-living world will collapse on them like a 'bolt of lightening'.

We live to see the equality of wealth distribution, (not giving to the poor as beggars) but doing more to alleviate their 'wretched' living. Many cases are hidden behind the veils of everyday life. When channel (8) showcasted the programme which ended early this year (forgot the title)on the neglected and discarded poor marginalised families, sometimes I dropped a tear or two, seeing the emotional heartbreaking truth of human's 'highest' and 'lowest' of existence.

We do need oppositions. Yes! many in the PAP, third generation of MPs, mostly 'back-door entry' (not pun on that) due to the GRC system and walkovers, some are good but seeing as many are to the president's yesmen. I always want to puke. So what , if they are scholars, academically achievers but no-achievers of the 'delicate living of human understanding and compassion. LiLy Neo stood out from the other sore thumbs, that is the reason i want to present her with Kevin Teo's 'purple rose', a special breed of a rich Indonesian background but a heart of Gold for the poor (human) citizens !!

The greatest mistake in the history of PAP 'hegemony' till now, is 'forever' changing the demographic of social, family and serene lives of so many ordinary S'poreans with the heartless 'too open-door-policy of foreign influx...The governments' ministers and cronies will never never be in touch on the ground everyday with these ordinary foreign workers. So, do they really care a damn !!!. Yes! economic reasons, GDP percentage...LOL! and still coming in to reach 6.5 million people in tiny S'pore!!!!

"Moderation in life is always a principle, over-indulgence is a VICE" - leesjuan-pat

The VICE of too many foreign imports. The death of S'poreans relegated to third class citizen even JACK LIN (a kid still smelling of his mother's breast milk), one youth PAP can blatantly called the citizens THIRD CLASS CITIZENS, (or is it second class, I promoted JL's status to third) I wonder what will he aristocrat in future!!! Regards.

patrick lee song juan
(first written on Facebook)