Friday, September 10, 2010

My 'Amour-Propre' as said by MM Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

My 'Amour-propre" (self-esteem) as uttered by MM LKY on taking a lower job.
-by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 12:59am.

MM LKY spoke about senior citizens able to work as long as they are healthy, able to adapt to changes of a different job and accept job re-training, but maybe he forgot (being old himself) to say that salary will drastically be cut by sometimes 30% to stay on a job.

MM Lee can say anything. I always believe that for a man of his position and 'Head of S'pore Incorporation', who will refute what he says?

And the fact is he can say it at ease and without any reservation! Yes! it is easy for his 'amour propre' to accept a lower ranking job. The fact is how low can his definition of low to be in his own context? Do you think son PM lee Hsien Loong (LHL) will ask his father to just sit tight in his office, knowing that no other title will be appropriate for him than Minister Mentor? MM LKY talking about 'amour propre', can he just be the 'senior administrator' (chief clerk) in PMO office rather than the MM. That will be real 'amour propre' to lower his self-esteem. Talk is cheap. Everyone can talk. And when MM LKY talks, his whole cohort of Ministers, including son LHL, just swallow their saliva and nod the affirmative in the dance of the flamingoes, with their slender long legs and long neck in gracious rhapsody following the lead bird.

To many senior citizens, what is 'amour-propre'? They do not care two hoots. Many do not care for the 'self-esteem' any more. To them 'amour-propre' is to earn money to fill their stomach and be self-reliant. To live a simple dignified life as long as the employer do not 'redundant' them. But the cruel realism of life passed 'the fast lane' is, you are discarded as 'Trashes'. And with so many young and energetic foreigner imports with the floodgate open indiscrimately, senior citizens are in no position to bargain anything nor even in line for job replacement. With one big sweep, many are dumped into the 'trash' bins even with 30 or 40 years of loyalty. My wife is a case in point as a senior officer after 38 years. A true case in the quasi-government department. I can attest to that!

And why must legistration only be approved by parliament in 2012 for compulsory retaining certain percentage of seniors in a company. Whereas when the HDB rules were changed, it took effect instantaneously from MND the next day immediately after PM's speech. S'porean are always at the mercy of draconic changes, many times never favourable. This HDB new rule is just between the devil and the deep blue sea.

So, my 'amour-propre' is nothing but utterance from the man with the golden mouth(MM) and no citizens can match up to that. So 'amour, amour, "senior citizens are all in their sorrow", care less on self-esteem. for self-esteem (amour-propre) are for the rich, famous, ministers and those who have arrived into the world of S'pore Incorporation.

Singapore has the lowest regards as to the 'amour-propre' of our marginalised SENIOR CITIZENS. WE, the old senior citizens are THE REMNANTS of the lost Ark.

PAP Government will never look after our SENIOR CITIZENS. So as MM LKY said, be prepared to work till you drop dead...that is my 'AMOUR-PROPRE'.

patrick lee song juan