Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Legacy of Lee Kuan Yew

Bryan, I am confused, is this piece penned by you or a reproduction of Emeritus Professor Milne or Associate Professor Mauzy. (and the irony is MM in both initials)

A well written piece that covered the style, governance, authority and grasp... of power by the PAP system. The psychological political indoctrination of policies to the masses and the drastic action taken on opposition dissenters, especially the prominent ones. Hence, the legacy of Lee Kuan Yew perpetrated to this day.

The elitiist atmosphere bring forth social snobbish in segregation of schools, as independent. And forever the youth of S'pore's mental attitude go through a 'higher than others' egoistic demeanour.

So, in comes the new generation PAP MPs. High and mighty scholars and way off the ground mark but profess to 'wear double or triple mortal board hats' which can never fit into a round peg.

Gone were the days of the old guards of understanding and more emotional attachment to the ground level of people. A prominent standout is our Late Dr Goh Keng Swee. Some others are worth mentioning too.

With 'our last of the Mohicans' surviving to this day...the LKY legacy will be a worthwhile history book for the students to absorb what it is like in a power of control by one person manipulating and leading his cohort of ministers into this modern era that sees so many 'under-par scholastic ministars' who are never emotionally in touch with the people and were back-door entrees without a vote casted on them !!

A strong cast of invertebrates listed are; Mah Boh Tan: 'affordable', Raymond Lim: 'fair fare-system'; Vivian Bala: 'hawker centre, foodcourt or restaurant'. Gan Kim Yong; 'the more the merrier, influx of foreigners', Wong Kan Seng; 'it had happened' (mas selamat's escape); Lim Swee Say; 'better, betterer and betterest, cheaper,faster and lagi cheaper"- the honorable clown of PAP.

That is the Legacy of Lee Kuan Yew into the history book of infamy. But the old patriarch..he is as solid as a rock which many 'eggs were smashed into it'.

Lee Kuan Yew's legacy will live on with a love-hate relationship to many as a man of great vision that had almost, I say almost, transformed Singapore as it is today..into prosperity, into first World S'pore, into everything proud to look at from the outside world but never better in the inside homes of the poor, destitute, citizens (especially the senior old folks) many are surviving with meagre salary, high COL, increase and increase and PAP (PAY and PAY).

patrick lee song juan