Sunday, September 5, 2010

Singapore may be a Land for Foreigners

Aiya! Bryan, why you like that, so blunt to critcise people. Pity Bernard Chan leh! Be like me lah how I praise Jasfri Basron for "being our guardian in Facebook". Want free lesson not? no charge lah, just one cup of Milo kosong,my favorite... drink since 6 year old.

True to what you write about our system of letting in the enormous horde of foreigners. Definitely, there are always the pros and cons of a policy, but failing in the 'longhaul' of transforming citizens lives into inconvenience and not planning the logistics of such a huge increase in numbers surely is most upsetting for the very living in a small tiny state S'pore. And definitely, S'pore can never be compared with Canada, vast land and beautiful natural scenes. The area around the five great lakes is testimony to it. i was in Toronto, Missisuaga staying with my friend for a couple of weeks many years ago...and the winter snow in Niagiara-by-the-Lake was like a place in Shangri-la (Utopia)

S'pore cannot and must not accomodate too many foreigners, be it for economic or GDP reasons. With todays two IRs operating at full force, the gaming taxes collected monthly at 42.25% is enough to cover a lot of nitty-gritty of S'pore. It is just that our ministers are paid too high, hence they need the influx as part of the source of income. The other sources come from ERP,GST,CPF(cannot withdraw miminum sum, taxes here and there, increases here and meet their voracious salary appetite.

Can't imagine, according to the Straits Times a while ago, EACH DAY the two IRs collected about 10 million dollars in gaming money. Easy tax money to the government based on the gaming tax of 42.25% tax. Jackpot room all around S'pore's Clubs have to pay that tax of 42.25% too.

It is unfair to compare life on the fast lane and the dirt-mud. We live by our decency of doing what we can and doing it with the best of our intentions...beyond that each and every ministers..from MM LKY, PM LHL, all have to exmine their conscience. Are they doing the right thing for the betterment of lives to the average S'porean? We are not talking about the high and mighty, the 'I-have-reached-the top' and many top cronies in civil services and CEO of government-linked corporation. We are talking about the average Singaporeans. Overwhelming Foreigners added to the misery.

You tell me, S'pore is just turning round and round in these top echelon
circles of the who's who.....the real who's who are the struggling and destitute old folks, the marginalised, the social outcast not due to their
wishes but the system that brought about the death of human dignity in a comparative world of the Powerful and the powerless. Regards.

patrick lee song juan
(first written in FB)