Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Balance of a Good Government. Oppositions have a long way to go!

Just managed to settle down after my 3-day sojourn at S'pore Polytechnic. Thank you Bryan for the tag. It means I am obliged to write some nonsense to your sensible analysis of Oppositon politics in S'pore.

Your topic: Opposition - 'alternative or checker of government'. I read it with a tinge of sadness but a reflect of a candid scenario of our political landscape. Let me put it to everyone....where in the world of politcal psephology do we see oppositions satisfied with a role of only 'checking on the government' and defeatist attitude of 'we just cannot fight the PAP government'. The plebiscite world of voters invariably have etched on the voters' mind on the one and only PAP party. Opposition is a sad sight of disunity and disgruntlement

WP and NSP are being pragmatic and down to earth. In 10 years, given this term to really nurture an alternative force of government, it may still be a high order. WP goes further into the 20 year time-frame. God only knows what will happen in 20 years time? Bryan, if you are 61 years old now and myself at 65; we may be in the realms of heavenly bliss to see the Opposition form an alternative government. And if that really happens, if like SPP that never believed in succession till the last critical hour, will see a bunch of surviving 70+ cracking their old 'medulla oblongata' to stay relevant to the politics of 2030. Heaven forbids. In order of least able to survive the stress of 'politcial demise' and old age in a 20 year later scenario...CST at 96(76+20), LKY at 106(86+20), dead or alive? LTK aged roughly 75, may still be around to fulfill his dream of an 'alternative government', Sylvia Lim maybe 72, and then others like NSP's GMS, SDP's CSJ, RP's KJ, Socialist Front's Chia Ti Lik (Ng Teck Siong may be unable to fulfill his dream even after 20 years at 87 years..reminiscing his political fatuity to be such a loyal man to JBJ).

Desmond Lim will be one of the youngest veteran politician at 63 in 20 years time. And the fact that he is now in limbo..though offically still SG of SDA, is left to be seen. Till now, the 'round table talk' has folded again into a 'square peg'. Will there be a new Alliance of opposition parties or SDA will still be within the umbrella of SPP,PKMS and SJP, we are left guessing. The new kid on the block, Socialist Front may join force with SJP and PKMS with RP trying hard to unite SPP (Lina Chiam cannot see eye-to-eye with Desmond) and NSP in its coalition. SDP and WP will be able to stand alone.

So, in the final analysis of a political dynasty after 20 years of political DIS-UNITY....(still bickering for nothingness!), PAP government will survive the odds of ("no government in the history of political dominance") can continue to survive over 50 years !! But incredibly PAP did and after 70 years in 2030..the dynasty of the Lee family's solipsism of PAP government will perpetuate with a new PM in the son of Lee Hsien Loong, that is Li Hongli taking over the helm, with nepotic succession lasting 3 generations of hegemony and still going strong...Aiyo! 'chia luck' lah...'long chong kai kee lang' - (meaning: all from the same family)

The 'Balance of a Good Government' is only a dream NOT come true come. And those who are still around will have to settle for being 'true blue' third class citizens with the majority of 'black and yellow' citizens of immigrant S'poreans. Sad, but life goes on...

If I am still around (will be 85), I will resign to the fate of destiny. I will not know what Bryan will be thinking then? He may be deep in dementia to soliloquize to the tune of PAP, PAP, PAP how I love thee !! I will shed my tears to a once' great political analyst' - Mr Bryan Ti.

Last but not least: "For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope; for a living dog is better than a dead lion."- (Ecclesiastes 9:4)

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