Friday, September 17, 2010

Political Fame, Fortune and Conscience

Dexter...hahhaaa! a good question? At the end of the day what is fame, fortune, wealth when you lose the soul to the devils? I did toy with the ideal..but finding in human..everyone want to hold to power PAP did and all the opposition... SGs and forming new party to be SGs..Is secretary generals so great meh??

I think I will live my life going for travels which I did rather often those years with my family and for retreat meditation and acquire the wisdom of 'letting go' and live a life of honest conscience than a life of disintegrity and every nite...the conscience may be prickling me..'did I do something wrong to people, to my life ,to my family, to my friends??...So how can we die peacefully with only one life but tons of worries!!

LKY is unable to let sad to see a great legacy whiling his greatness away in his twilight years of repose...Walks so slowly now.
With regrets, it is the emotional death of happiness!! I always sympathise with Mrs LKY. The Karmic cycle of existence!!??

We begin to let go and view the clearest vantage point of life in mediocrity and inner transcendentality...God bless and heaven forbids...

To each his own..My mother is coming 94 years this December..I want to emulate my mother's modesty..simple mandarin educated housewife who brought the value and meaning of lives to nine of our siblings with my deceased great father. I will always love and cherish him.

patrick lee song juan
(wrote on FB, copied to my Blog)