Friday, September 10, 2010

Once Upon a Time in Singapore and Opposition Charade

Bryan please spare me. Friday I am always busy in the afternoon. I got to devote 4 hrs to SAGE to save some poor destitute souls into our heavenly Singapore. Thanks for tagging me to your "Abortion is a Media 'Charade' of the opposition.

But before I proceed, I love your poster on Gary Grant and Audrey Hepburn (My Fairlady fame.) I saw the show 'CHARADE'about 45 years ago. Gary Grant was my idol then and classmates nicknamed me young Gary because of my ('killer-schoolgirl') good look lah! Shy to let everyone know now. Old now! only 'lao swees' want me...but I run far far away leh... the social dance, the line dance, alamak! no end. Better go retreat and meditate for peace of well-being ...hehee!

Back to seriousness again. I got only till 2pm to write something. now is 12.40pm. Please leh..spare my old-young heart lah! stop putting pressure on my 'wrong spot' har! Someone got sue in court two days ago hmm ?? Regarding the Section 377A thingie!

In fact, i just brief through your notes Bryan and aiyo! you got anything new or not? Everytime the oppositions, the(Round Table Discussion)RTD, the dis-Unity, the what 'demonstrate' blah blah blah.... At least now the 'CHARADE'. Something new on the oppositions sleeves. I suspect the protagonist is one and only people in the Opposition trying to manipulate the world of 'farce and furious Opposition wayang-wayang'. At the end of the day, it becomes the very death of Opposition credulence. It turns into an opposition convolution.

The setting is right, the moments of truth is here, the many gaffes and blunders of PAP from SM 'Woody', 'Maboh' Tan, Vivivvian B (stammered lah), Raymond Lim. Gan Kim Yong and some more. 'S i a n' lah to key all the names. Never has the playing field so 'even' or level for the oppositions to capitalise on the advantage of the moment. But instead, all the "CHARADE' popping up again.

WP is steadfast, SDP is picking up the lost 'zig-zag' puzzle pieces and for a long time to come, to change the perspective and not so favourable thoughts of the citizens towards them (which no thanks to PAP and MSM), SDP is forever the 'jolly jailbirds'. I did said in one of the other write-up to request them to become parliamentary-birds to fly and soar sky high for the people. SDP has strong ideology and apirations but weak conformist of the very rules
of their own 'failed idiosyncrasies', to progagate their cause within the framework of the law in S'pore. You cannot throw an egg at a solid rock you know. Plain frivolous right?? JBJ did and alas! pride, conviction or sheer hot-headedness is a price to pay. My due respect JBJ!

NSP, now is becoming more rational. Less wrong deliberation on the Facebook. Maybe the aborted Tea-chat, me with Meng Seng he wrote on FB to invite me for tea, works out something for him. We did chat on the phone on Sat. morning. In fact i called him, having had his mobile number through FB chat and I guess he found it enough for my utterly frank assessment of his thoughts, his views, his criticism on issues. Maybe not happy for "an old fool" like me (ahem! that was what someone called me in my 65 years of life for the first time hahaaa!) to talk nonsense to him (GMS). I just said to him on the phone." I said Meng Seng in Life if "one speaks the truth, you don't have to think". So the message was delivered and... with discourtesy he did not meet up with me for the coffee which I DID show up with a politcal friend. My mistake was I did not key his mobile he sent on the chat to me the nite before (friday 3rd morning) at about 3am. But he has mine HP and did not call me . I instead had tea with my' politcal friend' on the meeting date of 4th Saturday, 3 pm at AMK HUB. Thank you GMS.

RP in one sentence. Go for it but with sincerity, with truth, with colours (really vivid ones), and focus on the heart of the matter with the masses,( the simple bread and butter issues that strike a chord in many citziens) not who to be the Boss of opposition dis- UNITY.

SPP, senior Chiam has seen his days. I will always say and please read my Blog on why I said it was a wrong move for Chiam to choose Nepotism (his wife the charming Lina Chiam, but not the mouth har!)to Capability. MM LKY's nepotism is in choosing the right person with substance in PM LHL. This chap (LHL) is an intelligent guy in his own right but sadly curtailed by MM LKY's 'UNABLE TO LET GO' the limelights of Politcal Fame far and even let his PM son really run S'pore. So, again may I state what is Fame? what is Fortune? what is Wealth? All are but transient cycle of human achievements to a certain AIM but it leads to no END. Sad, sad, sad.

PKMS, SJP and (SF) Socialist Front and SDA... PKMS is a veteran party more interested in their asset enchancement than political dominance. They have the PKMS building to live on. SJP is just a shell to swing CEC votes in case SDA need to support Desmond Lim. SF is sitting on the fence and watching the 'stage acting' but may as I said join force with PKMS and SJP. SDA will be redundant due to the deadlock in the Alliance and the RTD abortion puts SDA in limbo without direction yet.

In as much as the political landscape of S'pore is evolving. It has never in half a century so inclined to the Opposition field by natural force and by 'divine human mistakes' in the PAP.

So, Opposition, please, this is the right time to work on it with one and only objective of 'SOLIDARITY in UNITY.' And the STRENGTH of sincere UNITY in the Oppositions will be GIGANTIC, even PAP will have second thoughts. Regards

The photos posted on Facebook:

My four beauties, one from the Las Vegas Revue. You know by the costume lah who the one !

My Thai buddy tycoon, owner of six companies in thailand, US graduate, has 16 adopted children but eligible bachelor..advertising for him man...56 this year

Rohan Kamis (ex-PAP MP and me at his Rohan and Mah Office, we going for lunch. Buddy for many years. Vacation together with our families to London and New York etc, on Self-drive. Both took turns to drive. Real fun and learning

My daughter Endra, son-in-law Simon and grand-daughter Claire Ho..sooo cute! at 8 mths old. Now Claire is one year five mths old already.

Our social group photo having dinner at Raffles City basement eating outlet.

"The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the
miraculous in the common." - Ralph W. Emerson

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