Monday, September 27, 2010

Singapore Democratic Party's (SDP) Rally on 25.9.2010.

I attended the SDP's rally at Hong Lim Park around 5.45 pm. A sea of red 'algae' party members and huge red flags. All of Dr Chee books were on sale to help finance the coming election. As what TR said ..The youth wing spoke first. Yes! Malik spoke a little while and thanking his boss Michael for the understanding. Well, let see how he moves on.

Jarrod spoke too. But I was more interested in the picnic mood and chatting around. Tan Kin Lian, Dr Wong Wee Nam, Vincent Cheng, Alan Shadrake, even Ravi was there, NSP Goh Meng Seng and his gang with Steve Chia there too.

I mingled around and took a snapshot with Soon Juan. I chatted with Kin Lian, Vincent Cheng , Goh Meng Seng, Dr Wong W.Nam. I also chatted with Alan Shadrake regarding his court case this coming 16th Oct. Ravi is defending him.

I did not really listen so intensely into the speech of each individual.. Jarrod Luo the youth leader spoke in Mandarin and was quite impressive...A new chap a botak Vincent Wijeysingha(VW),(with a 'Permanent-head-Damaged'..due to his botak head....I mean a PhD guy) spoke at length and too long for comfort and this is interesting when he said that when he took a taxi to Hong Lim Park in the morning when the Rally only began in the evening and the Taxi friend asked him why he goes to Hong Lim park. VW said about a SDP rally there and the taxi man said nowadays life is hard for many people and things are too expensive. Wow! even taxi man also said must be true! Life is really not so good for many you know??!!

I wonder how this VW chap can help the people who lost their job with 75% of last drawn pay for 6 months another 50% for the next six months and 25% for the final six months and did not elaborate how the money can come about to support his idea of such generosity. New guys always have better bad for a start??

Vincent Cheng spoke as usual of his detention and force submission of guilt and at what time he was taken 5am in the morning and he still remembered he had only 3 hrs sleep before the rude awakening. Really sad for a man who had injustice done to him through the drastic ISA and forever his freedom was curtailed and he lived a bitter life of never forget what had happened to him. Before his speech, I had a brief conversation with him and he agreed with me that many friend too asked him 'to let go' as I did to him 'the animosity of hate' but then he still went up to speak on his past predicaments....well never can let go ..To each his own but I feel sad for him....

Jufri spoke, (his usual versatile self) and as TR also mentioned took potshot at MM as a 'fortune-teller'.With such obscene pay but always predicted the wrong thing. The crowd laughed.

Before Vincent Cheng and Vincent W. spoke, Kin Lian and Anabalam (Chairman) and John Tan (Assist.SG) also spoke. Anabalam just 'flew out of 'Changi palace' according to John Tan. I always wonder why can't they (SDP) fly in the right direction into parliament rather than Changi palace. Maybe Changi palace has free catered food! Parliament should be better..MP allowance about $13, know !!

Later Siok Chin spoke with her commanding voice and I really was mesmerized. I listening intensely. She touched on the COL, the tariff on PUB increased and so forth. Strong woman you know...I like her.

Last but not least, Soon Juan spoke and nothing really new ..the usual fare and how Maboh Tan thinks that 6.5 million people 'cannot sink S'pore. I think this Shorty maboh tan is totally out of touch with the ordinary folks and move around in his chauffeur limousine, he and all the 'ministars' couldn't care less if you are packed like a sardine can....really sad days for citizens..All 'sardine sandwiched' in time to come.

The grand finale was led into singing by our very Tom Jones of S'pore the handsome Dr Chee on "We are the World" and the camaraderie prevailed till about 9pm then the rally ended...Everyone live to fight another day...