Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where are the Oppositions heading from here ?

@DexterLee, ..hahaa! I love Hainanese chicken rice you know...

Good and impartial viewpoint of S'pore's political scenario. How would you rate WP in this context of all the 'hally-bula?' Low TK is pretty quiet for a Secretary General...must be broiling something good for the electorates. Silence at times can be an 'anti-climax'. (like a double orgasm go wrong hahaaa!) WP should be doing well this coming election and I really wish them well.

It is about Time for WP and SDP and for that matter newbie RP to show true substance of deed not just words of 'thin air'. NSP may or may not rise to the occasion. It all depends on Goh Meng Seng. SDA (SPP) is now in the doldrums with the self-serving power control of Chiam's(CST) successor..the 'green' Lina Chiam. CST's greatest political mistake in his declining years. Sad, sad!

Desmond Lim(DL) is hanging on a tight-rope...the noose is around his neck. And DL is good at some form of manipulation (being a two time veteran at the polls). And his prominence lately was thanks to Lina Chiam with her x-factor comment on Desmond in the Straits Times even when he was never mentioned assisting CST at Potong Pasir for 14 years. Imagine for 14 years!! Why the hell did he stay on for CST and now get the shit smacked into his face by no other than CST and wife. OMG !!

For Chiam only want the limelight for himself. And this is also his own nemesis !! We will see what is up on Desmond's sleeves with PKMS, SJP and SF (Socialist Front) the newest kid of the block, to give him certain form of support.

He may become the new SG of an Alliance in the form of PKMS, SJP AND SF provided no one fight for power to become the new SG of the 'shadow'-coming up alliance. I may be wrong you know. Regards.

patrick lee song juan
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