Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bernard Chan, 'Cry for me Argentina!'..oophs Singapore

‎@Bryan, After really read the text of your write-up with this Bernard Chan and his, I am perplexed as when he had migrated already 19 years to he really concerned about the live and death of Singaporeans. I really do not comprehend. And crying in the toilet can be bad for his health, taking into consideration all the foul smell and 'toxic' air in the toilet. LOL!

Now I am crying for him because when you become a 'quitter' as Goh Chok Tong must have a means to migrate and surely you do not really have a sense of belonging to your native Singapore. So, please do not shed crocodile tears.

In 1992, when I stayed in Mississuaga, Toronto at my friends home, he just migrated in 1990. I like the vacation mood, not the living in Toronto.
The winters are extremely cold at -14 degrees celsius. A country of 'ang mohs' will always treat we Chinese as 'yellow skin' and second class citizen. That was the reason I did not uproot and my children was still young and I did not want to give up my career and jeopardised my whole life to start again a new life. Maybe I was a failure in that sense and I always belief though S'pore is small, it did have a good government then in PAP. But after 50 years of rule, PAP are showing signs of authoritarian, despotic and over-powerful to contain.

Why should I be a second class citizen in a land of western cultural diversity and over-liberty and different moral mores.

And to this day, i have never regretted i did not migrate. I would have migrated to Australia or New Zealand then, having have a close affinity especially with Australia. Really love the country's vastness and Perth though a little layback. i have good friends in Perth and Sydney who kept on encouraging me to migrate, but with real honesty I just never have a good feeling of 'ang mohs', maybe because of their' lording' of Asia during the British colonisation days.

And to this day, when you travel by SIA, the flight attendants will call them Sir, not us chinese and locals. Is it that the 'ang mohs' got something big that Singaporeans do not have??!!

patrick lee song juan
(written first on FB)