Thursday, September 2, 2010

Civil Disobedience and A Scapegoat

Civil Disobedience is a genuine protest when all else failed. Civil disobedience is not a revolt to overthrow the government. It is a dissent of the government's totalitarian policy. And someone has to come out to defend the rights of the people. So, SDP becomes the scapegoat !?

Personally, I believe we should not sanction SDP just because they hold the principles of human rights being overstepped, hence they did what they did. Can any other party do it...even with a moral or physical courage? I see no other party willing to step out! Hence in the eyes of our Asian society, the stigma of going to jail is a no-no, even you are deemed to do the right noble thing.

Western norm and political practice has not reached a level that the masses will associate Civil Disobedience as a true cause of democracy of a country. And gaoling opposition members is seen as law-breaking. But in a society of many 'nonchalant species', people will be indifferent. We should not be judgemental in a political dominant system like S'pore where sweeping policy, unjust implementation are bulldozed down your throat and you stayed mouth wide open to be stuffed with all the rancid food. How about that ??

What do you think Bryan? To each his own. We fight for the rights of justice. We fight for the conscience of truth, we do not pretend to be the messiah to save the universe, the world, but if for 50 years S'pore is still crying its heart out for deliverance...has Providence turned a blind eye to the suffering of the deprived and oppressed citizens who forever must be beholden to the authoritarian systems of PAP government??

I do not defend anyone. I speak from my own conviction of justice...Regards.

My parting shot : "We judge our progress by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers, our willingness to embrace what is true rather than what feels good" - (Carl Sagan, astronomer and scientist)....

But do the citizens really feel good with the drastic measures of the PAP government?? All of us are forced to feel good.

patrick lee song juan