Monday, September 20, 2010

In Love and Reminscing Our Twilight Years and MM's Legacy

The joy of reminiscing your successful life through your 87 years, is something not many people can look forward to. That was the reason MM wrote two Memoirs and have become a treasure to me in my books collection.

If only MM Lee can 'JUST LET GO' life 'idiosyncrasies' and enjoy his fruitful years with his lovely and cute grandchildren like my mother at 94 years with her lost count of grandchildren and great grandchildren..he will realise what life fulfillment means...not of monetary terms but of the close cohesiveness of the family nucleus which no amount of monetary terms can qualify or quantify. And MM Lee moves on with a heavy heart in love of Mrs Lee. We felt with you... your foregoing.

We live for the peace of our general disposition...Yes! MM's love hate affair with the Singapore that he almost 'single-handedly' built and nurtured to this day...will be his death if anyone ask him 'TO LET GO' to son PM Lee Hsien Loong.

We or rather I sincerely hope MM Lee can live a long life of 'blissful detachment' and can surpass the age that my grand old lovely mother has achieved. And come December will be her Chinese 95 years old birthday!

Everyone in our whole big families down to the great grand children will give our dear old Empress mother the joy of her birthday which she greatly deserved to bring so many of us into this world. And we never forget our dear deceased father too.

Alas! Alas...gone will be the days of big cohesive and warm families of this modern era...brought about by circumstance of not our choice, but the choice of the then PAP government, whose foresight into human procreation forever retarded the law of natural birth and reproduction of many Singapore babies. My now family is a victim of circumstance. We stopped at two, the magical figure then.

As Benjamin Disraeli said and I quote: "Men are not creatures (victims) of circumstance, circumstance is the creatures(victims) of men". I added the word 'victims' in brackets from the original quote.

We live for the love of our impermanent existence...We must do our best for our children and children's children to love S'pore as our own...But is Singapore still our very own now??... (Food for thought)!!

I will end Bryan Ti's 'provocation' of 87 with another good
controversial saying by someone anonymous....

"As seeing ignorance is the curse of God,
Knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to Heaven."...Regards

patrick lee song juan