Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Sad State of Affairs with the Oppositions

Fully agreed! If you have followed my write-up comments on will know what I mean. I leave no bones unturned in telling what is right and wrong with the opposition.

I have met with quite a number of SGs in the oppositions and all human on earth are friends, only if you have two heads, four hands and limbs than you are different, understand sweet Julie !! and share knowledge with them but I have declined meeting Kenneth Jeyaretnam(KJ) and the two scholars which KJ requested in his SMS to me.

We agreed to disagreed. PAP is good to many extent but between the devil and 'the deep blue sea', the deep blue sea is fathomless. Think about that !!

I was with the grassroot for many years and I still have good friends in the grassroot and I count MP Chan Soo Sen as a kind friend of mine and advisor to Joo Chiat CC and Siglap South CC which I was in the SCEC. Zainal Abidin Rasheed is another MP and Senior minister of State in Aljunied GRC that I can count as a friend though I never go too near him..mild nature and very friendly disposition.

Live on and watch the unfolding of life in S'pore and its repercussions.
I devoted my time with charity organisation now and I feel the fulfillment of joy to see so many old folks happy with my humour and the little help I can dispense to them.

We live not by self, we live in a vast universe of uncertainties...exacerbated by the atrocities of the human race. There is no difference between a government in power and the perpetuation of their power. All human are the same, all human are different. In it lies the very conscience of our deeds, our actions, our love, our hate of our very humankind. I thank you. Regards.

Sorry, my take will not go further into discussion. Each of us have our opinions . We are here to share knowledge not to overwhelm anyone else...Thank you sweet Julie.

patrick lee song juan
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