Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Relevant can a Political Rally Be ?

Soon Juan, it is really a historical SDP rally this coming Saturday. I will be there. Tan Kin Lian with his experience in the insurance industry will be relevant in his delivery of unemployment insurance. And the other topic which is of wide interest of minimum wage to the plebeian will definitely enhance many work-life situations and more citizens will like to come out to work if they find it worth the while having a minimum wage.

Today's S'pore ask me who will want to work for a mere 600 or 800 dollars..which cannot even make ends meet. Only the foreign imports will go for it because the are choosing from the 'devil and the deep blue sea'

It would be great to hear Vincent Cheng's side of the story of his injustice detention...but does it not seem a little 'misplaced speech'
at this SDP rally when the main concern should be channeled more on the "daily bread and butter issues" of the average citizens than the high-handedness of the ISD and Vincent's foregone detention inconclusiveness....

We learn to let go the anger, the hate and surely the injustice done by the PAP government to so many people..time and again. Tan Wah Piah is one man victimized but has become a successful lawyer in his own rights...Old wounds can heal though the scars remained...We humble our misfortunes.

Two months back, I was having lunch at Marine Parade hawker centre and i met a retired lady teacher and our conversation slowly turned to politics and to my surprise and that was the time Vincent Cheng was refused by the library authorities to speak on his predicaments...She said she knew Vincent for a long time and had try to persuade Vincent to let go the animosity of hate...and i was rather surprised when she said "hatred is more self-destructive than the destruction of self by the authorities who jailed him"...I did learn something from what she said.

Our encounter in life and happenings is sometimes a karmic effect of which we have to accept some degree of our failings too...Life will and can move on in a 'world of power over righteousness to self' but we can never beat authoritarian dictators!! We weigh our opinions and re-strategized our priority to fight another day.

The catchword is to stay a free man !!

patrick lee song juan