Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Politics of Democratic Uncertainty

The struggle to democratise Singapore can come about only through persistent engaging in the consultative politics of S'pore. Political flexibility is the surest way to a peaceful and cohesive S'pore.

How far the opposition and for that matter SDP can surge forward to claim credence, is left to be seen. Of uttermost importance is not to be view by the masses as the party who is always hitting their head against the 'Changi Wall'. As a chinese saying goes..'if you can back-step and not be in a head-on collision, you live to fight another day'.

To this day, the politics of S'pore is stigmatised by the very fact that not enough opposition candidates will step forward into the opposition arena to carry on the fight for true democracy. With the FEAR factor instilled by PAP and the sueing of opposition till bankruptcy, the stigma is too prevalent to take up the challenge.

And those candidates who joined the opposition are the true blue fighters in their own right which we and myself will salute them. The PAP bandwagon is so easy to jump on and they choose to walk the distance of opposition uncertainty. Kudos to them !!

We live to fight for another day, be it democracy, freedom of speech, political fairplay, even playing field...and no time is better than now which is the right time for the UNITY of opposition to give PAP a run for their money. BUT can the opposition really come up with something on their sleeves ??

Time will tell...The PAP political hegemony is a hard nut to crack even after 50 years !!!

patrick lee song juan