Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dis-Unity of Opposition Politics

Personally, I have met Soon Juan and Siok Chin many times. The real reason is I always feel than the Chee siblings are really fighting a cause for S'poreans, but due to minor setbacks in Soon Juan's political career and sure, after he was removed from NUS for a mere discrepancy involving a little thesis money and taxi fare claim. And at that time SJ's supervisor was none other than PAP's yesman S. Vasoo.

The rest was history with MSM propagandised and blew up the issue. And CSJ went to 'battle' mode with the various brushes with the law. Not that he was wrong. But the law was too authoritarian to fault justice... Hence CSJ and CSC, in the conservative Asian or rather S'poreans eyes are 'trouble-makers', but many did not ponder why they did that and for whom ??

Yes! majority of politicians hide an agenda. First to be voted in, next to do something for the people. That doing something is the hour and day of reckoning. You are scrutinised the day you are'marked' in privileged class. So don't play Phua Chu Kang said in his comedy.

As a Wu Jian Dao said, just for self, for the good MP allowance.
And even before they are voted in parliament, the laughing stock for PAP is, these so-called SGs of each party are shooting 'toy guns' at each other and hoping to come out 'unscrathed', but pride and ego bruised.

In this respect, Workers Party stands out solid, with character and silence is golden...and not far behind is S'pore Democratic Party...though disadvantaged by CSJ and CSC being bankrupted (are barred from this election). How the second man my Johnny Tan and Ghani can do a little wonder to SDP within the framework of the law not outside please.. SDP cannot afford to have to many experienced jail-birds...We all want MP-birds who can fly and soar high in the political sky !

The hour of truth is today. The meeting of UNITY is on at a Hotel near Outram. Hope nothing changes to Time and Venue. Hopefully, not a meeting of DIS-UNITY. Please put on your SGs' thinking caps to cover the delicate skull, less the sun's ultra-violet rays is so 'devastating' to the unity of understanding eyes. 'Cataract' will blind or impaired the vision but the 'unchartered Minds' will kill the decision of UNITY.

Welcome to the political arena of Opposition Dis-unity, Socialist Front -a new party...alamak another one !! Hello Ti Lik and
Teck Siong how are you?...patrick lee wishing both well...since the last coffee session at Speaker's Corner after Teck Siong's press release on RP's merrily took-over from Teck Siong..and left an old veteran in almost wilderness until Ti Lik comes along.

JBJ will be secretly wishing you well Teck Siong..always the right hand man of JBJ...Man of substance lost in the 'Politics of Manipulation'. My best wishes for a new journey of political 'uncertainty' in the sweetest description of opposition politics, in the purview of PAP..the master of 50 years !! Regard to all Opposition unity !!

" Good day is everyday whether you want to make it work for you is your own take". -leesjuan