Sunday, September 19, 2010

KUDOS to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew (MM LKY)

Todays Strait Times (20.9.2010)...' page'... highlighted MM LKY in Russia, flanked by two Russian bank presidents one young and one old. And when asked for advice, a question put to him by a student Sergei Koltovich of a Russian business school: "What would you tell them?" MM LKY said he would give both leaders similar advice: "Get out"..Think about it..and read why MM said that >>Ingenuously candid and straight to the point of simplicity....That is the wisdom of MM LKY that I always hold in awe. That should be the role of MM LKY in the international platform and Singapore will be on the World map of Prominence!!

Locally, alas! I will not say the same of MM. Since he had relinquished his PMship to son PM Lee Hsien Loong (LHL). MM should leave the daily running of S'pore to his PM and cabinets with the role of adviser or consultant to S'pore; not in mettling with how old folks got to live or died. How old folks got to work if they can!!

In life many things can be easily said, especially for a man of his status. Who would refute him?? Who are we the old folks to say we want to work for life?? Will the employer accept it? Will jobs be that easily available for older folks when the very simple jobs like cleaners and foodcourt cleaners are all taken over by young and able and 'cheap labour' of foreign imports to stigmatise our citizen workforce but to enchance and increase economy and GDP in the very selfish 'self-fulfillment of so-called 'First World S'pore'.

The irony of life, the sadness of voting in a government for 50 years. And what now?? Are we not awakened to try our very best to reverse the last (8) years of our lives that has seen many citizens living worst that the dogs of many dog owners. I put it at 8 years because the transformation was too overwhelming for comfort and many poor and 'wretched' destitute citizens are living below the poverty line. Mind you...WE ARE FIRST WORLD SINGAPORE !!

Many of our citizens will be for their whole life Pay and Pay.. (in debts of house loan, (the major woe or necessity brought about by the exorbitant high price of HDB so-called public housing now).. till their last day of their breath....Heaven forbids. The fearful COL (climbing up day by day) and the minimal annual increase of salary with no miminum wage structure to go by...BUT the STARS of all these shows are the MINISTARS OF THE PAP and the high echelons of societies-privilege sucked up to the system of the government of the very people we VOTED them in for 50 years...ME too in my early years...not now please!!! Regards.

patrick lee song juan