Friday, September 3, 2010

Sex and the Modern Men and Women

The Western norm of living emphasizes SEX as the predominant factor for a successfful marriage. Hollywood is where sex belongs. High society sex, sex orgies, sex-drug parties, you name it. Promiscuity is a way of life.

In Asian society, sex a secondary concomitant of living, more so in the early ages of social subservience. Women showed obeisance to the Master of the house. Not any more in modern society of divergent lost values.

Many modern women would love to be seen (especially the corporate ladies) in places of happenings. and many a times end up.."your place or mine", with no-strings- attached-one-nite-stand. Another reason for such social norm can be due to the high pressure and stress in the corporate world of condescension and concupiscence.

Men will always be the macho guy and accept unconditional service
and ecstasy of willing free sex. Monica Lewensky knew how to 'suck' it up to Bill Clinton....and Hilliary 'enjoyed' the infamous indignity as a magnanimous and forgiving wife and woman. How great she was with a 'fury' heart, no one knows till this day ??

patrick lee song juan
(first written on FB)