Monday, August 30, 2010

Politics of Truth and Substance

Tim, we live by our conviction of truth and nothing but the truth. In truth we build a credible character of self-worth and substance. We are not angered by words of ambiguity nor groundless 'indocrination' of self-defence.

In a world of political dis-enchantment, we are enticed and ensnared into the political conundrum. We are unable to ensconce into our righteous belief of who is true and honest in voicing their political solipsism.

We scan the political horizon and notice the silhouette of doubt hiding in the dim rays of uncertainty....and when twilight breaks into refreshing dawn, nothing can escape the truth of morning sight.

Ultimately, the colours of worth and truth (in regards to political substance) will unveil in full divulgence. It will be the day of political reckoning of the party. Regards.

Patrick Lee Song Juan