Monday, August 16, 2010

Reform Party (RP) and its 11 Conditions of Alliance

RP erred miserably specially in Condition No.10 by not naming the new alliance..." REFORM SINGAPORE DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE " (RSDA) rather than Singapore Reform Democratic Alliance.(SRDA)

That is RP wildest ambition to reform SINGAPORE by themselves alone but knowing their limitations as a newbie in the violative political arena, chose SDA to further RP's tactical inclusion. RP put it aptly as an 'Alliance' but under lopsided weightage.

That is a great move by RP and Kenneth Jeyaretnam.... I must say I have the highest 'admiration' of your 'marriage of convenience' but after the 'concupiscence' of co-habitation (sorry for the big word..Bryan must be running for the Dictionary again, haha!) filed for separation and divorce...

Well done RP ! In the first place, Reform Party should have been named Reform Inspiration Party - RIP !!!

patrick lee song juan
(written on FB, cut and paste to my Blog)