Monday, August 30, 2010

Politics of Disengaging Unity.

Now, at this stage only I settled down to read David Torbavsky long 'eye fatigue' but with substance article. A good write nonetheless !

As we move along the haphazardous political arena and each one wanting to prove to the other a sense of belonging and well-being, we need to identify our true purpose of engaging in a 'waterloo' battle with PAP.

PAP to this day has consolidated and strategically positioned themselves in all facets of life and organisations in S'pore. It is like trying to penetrate
the jail in Alcatrax to rescue the inmates. Definitely not to rescue crooks but the deprived, oppressed citizens of Singapore.

The GRC, the succession plan of young though 'mindless' scholars jumping on the bandwagon and forever becomes the lackeys of the system. That is why I show the highest respect to opposition wanabies with the drive and the angst.

If for once the Oppositon are truely unified and have really no self-serving personal agenda...the political landscape of the opposition will be a stronger 'battlefield' to engage the PAP...Alas! it is still not.

Everyone can talk and offer lip service. And for the record PAP ministers and many young untested PAP MPs are the best in lip-synchronization. Yapper, yapper dooo !! That should be the area that opposition members should not emulate but show the true and solid substance without lacking in confidence. We hold our esteem not to self but to the electorates to deliver the truth and nothing but the truth and the truth comes from the HEART not from the mouth ( lip-service).

I rest my case. Regards.

Patrick Lee Song Juan
(paste from my FB write-up)