Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Tide of Political Change in Singapore.

If the mentality of the opposition is such as propounded by your argument... it shows alot of oomphs! is missing in the positivity of the oppositions.... nothing comes on a platter nicely laid...the oppositions have been fighting a losing battle since 50 years ago..WHY ?

First and foremost...FEAR factor of the ruling party...
Second...again FEAR factor of being SUE till your pants drop..
Third....All the "president's men' are roped into PAP to ride the easy bandwagon.
Fourth....In today's society and life in S'pore..if you are holding a steady and safe job..why rock the boat of youself and family in view of the despotic scene of politics in S'pore. It happened to me in 1990, when I was approached by an opposition party into politics..but I graciouslly declined them....I kept the official letter as memento till this day lah! haha.

Last but not the history of world politics, no one party will hold on for life...50 years is tooooo long to die for. A good sign is many younger generation youth with good qualities are joining the oppositions to fight the PAP and in doing so we hope the life of the average S'poreans will be more dignified....the dignity of citizens lost to the draconic control of the PAP regime long time ago....VIVA SINGAPURA ! HAPPY NATIONAL DAY TO ALL.

Nothing is permanent but we live on for the best; for the worst...OPPOSITIONS CAN DO IT BETTER not betterest as what Lim Swee Say used the term - a misnomer.