Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Politics of Change

Reform Party (RP) has come up with some substance in its election manifesto.This the the first new party to issue such. By the look, many of its policy pledges are for the citizens

The bare facts between issuing a pledge and implementing a pledge are two different things altogether. For a start, RP shows positive seriousness in its stake into the domain of PAP control government.

It will still be an uphill task but as long as RP's focus is in the interest of the ordinary citizens at large, the chances of capturing the hearts of the electorate is tempting. As in anything, a pledge is taken as a promise to be implemented when the time is right. What then is the right time? Simple answer..when RP's candidates are elected into parliament.

As long as PAP still holds a 51% the best scenario for the opposition...the minority voices of oppositions have to work harder to have policies passed in parliament. A cohesive huge voice never imagined before. Alas! it is still a conundrum and reverie.

Workers Party (WP) will be a strong contender, with Low Thia Khiang (LTK) always the mysterious silent "killer"...As I see WP will be the main contributor to the increased voice in parliament. SPP under the Alliance of PKMS and SJP can be a formidable group force...if SPP can put their house in order and last but not least NSP..the breakaway party of the Alliance, has to slouth it out to gain a foothold in the harsh really of S'pore politics with PAP psychologically, holding dear to its dominance.

In the political history of PAP dominance, never have the politics of S'pore rifted into such an open playing field. The law of constancy is taking a back seat for PAP. IF there is such thing as a right time for the politics of S'pore to tilt more into the opposition confines.

At the end of the day, opposition unity, strategies, sound and realistic manifestoes will see the tide of change against the PAP.

Opportunity never strike for 50 years...A time for every reason under the heavens...A time to sow, a time to reap...and THIS IS THE TIME FOR A CHANGE IN THE NAME OF THE CITIZENS' WISHES, ONLY IF WE KNOW HOW TO VOTE THE OPPOSITIONS INTO PARLIAMENT.

WP, SDP, SDA, NSP, RP, S'pore belongs to a new breed of intellectuals not so much with their impressive degrees on paper...but candidates with a heart of gold to emit the right wave-length to elevate the lives of the majority of S'poreans that had never ever felt so good as this coming election.

Patrick Lee Song Juan