Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Pseudo Liberation of Western Military Might.

Well said Shamin. As long as the world of men are full of ego and
chavinism, I would refute your notion that 'western military intervention'- the most 'liberated' in the world. You should not even put it on even in 'sarcasm', hahaha!

What world after military might? A farcical world of pseudo peace where death is a daily occurrence. The innocents died a violent death of terrorism, suicide bombers. If western so-called liberation can just mind their own business, I believe the world will be a more peaceful habitat.

What has capitalistic idealism bring about?...nothing but devastation of human dignity...I strongly believe that though Sadam Hussein was not a good ruler of Iraq at least he never killed so many people in so short a time and now the world is crying for Iraq and Aghanistan.

The Middle East will be a catalyst for an all out war, if America do not hold their' horses in the stable'. Live and let's live. No human should deprive another the right to exist and CO-EXISTENCE is the right way for all rational homo sapiens of this modern world.

LOVE AND PEACE, not WAR AND PEACE is the vision of a cohesive and tolerant world. Beyond that Men will annihilate the very existence of the man-made world of turbulence...Regards.

Patrick lee Song Juan