Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is Qualification or the Heart the main criteria for a good MP

Qualifications is a due consideration for an opposition but that does not mean it will make a good opposition candidate. The crux of the matter is an opposition who can relate well with the ground, a strong and sound party manifestos..and w...hen voted into parliament can present and forward his party policies for the house to consider and implement.

When an intellectual become an opposition MP or minister , we do not want to see the show repeating in the PAP stage where many ivory tower ministers yapper rhetorics and have no empathy for the poor folks of S'pore.

These days, do the policies of PAP really are for the people? They just bulldozed them through like transport increase, night parking increase, PUB increase,conservancy the government care to find out if all these increases will in many ways curtail the livelihood of the poor...They would not care....for they are the mighty rich....what does the ministers know about poverty of the people.

Hence, we need MPs in the oppositon ward to have a heart for the people, by the people, with the people and fully in touch with the citizens' predicaments not yesmen of the system.

Yes! 'double first, triple last" may mean something in terms of qualification but if a human cannot relate to the hardship and love of another human...the heart to serve and help the majority of poorer citizens and elevate their life to a decent existence. It will be a total waste of a degree against the heart of human endeavour...the true essence of human understanding and assistance in a world of total injustice to mankind... to the marginalised citizens of Singapore.

We have to vote in true human to implement, to carry forward, to achieve..not high and mighty people with scholastic degree but without a real heart for the people. And here I have the honour to name the winners in the PAP hierarchy...Vivian Balakrishnan..Gan Kim Yong.. Lim Swee Say...Raymond Lim ...Mah Bow Tan...Lee Bee Wah etc....and the winner is his famous....'to eat in hawker centre...foodcourt...or restaurant'.. for a mere $20/- increase to the poor on social welfare help.Cheers to Bala for the dubious honour... Mr minister.

patrick lee song juan