Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alex ZhixiangTan a political Nobody

Alex Zhixiang Tan@ young man.. I see your rebuttal with 'seow kia' but I think you are the real seow kia are you? ..In fact you are not in the league for me to comment on your status.....Sorry to say so.

A political nobody brought in by Desmond Lim into SPP and Desmond want to groom you up..But your wild ambition got the better of you.. You tell me what have you done at the back of Desmond...and what did you talk to Seelan of SDP...don't forget in life crime doesn't pay well OK...Honesty and character will.

Who are you to see to the success of SPP when you are not even a CADRE MEMBER yet? I am an outsider but was with 'MI5' for 'dinkey' years to know too well on the political development of S'pore.

It is good for a young man to have good and high ambition but you examine yourself ..are you doing right with your conscience and what is you motive to sow discord to a nice man Desmond with Lina (and he brought you into SPP as far as my spy told me) Have a heart young man.... the journey in life is a long road to honesty not frivolity. Regards...

I will not answer your time for you..this is my sincere advice to people like you to do things with a HEART not with a swallow MIND like what some young PAP MPs and Ministers are doing now.

Patrick Lee Song Juan