Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ulterior Motive of Reform Party to form an Alliance

Bryan, thanks for tagging me to 'how RP should join the Alliance - like the rest.' You have given us your fair political write point to point of the debased intention of RP. I will be wasting my time repeating the same issue all over.

The only point I want to strongly emphasize is....if Workers Party (WP) who decided to join the S'pore Democratic Alliance (SDA) and LTK brought in his 11 conditions as identical to what RP produced...even thought WP is so well established and can hold their own, doesn't mean SDA will have to agree to WP.

At this junction, we are talking about an Alliance in equal footing, not self-serving agenda to dictate other Alliance parties. And RP not knowing their strength as a political newbie party No words to describe such arrogance!! Where does RP think they are heading to in this instance!

Bringing SPP into total disarray and wanting to change the Alliance prominently displaying the word Reform in the new name of SRDA.... LOL ! HOW NOBLE CAN NOBLE BE ??

Patrick Lee Song Juan