Friday, August 6, 2010

The Good Old Guards of PAP

When the Old Guard generation disappears"....the new bunch of young second and third generation PAP 'yappering' Ministers and MPs' are the demise of interactive politics with the common citizens of S'pore.

Acting high and mighty, projecting a poor image of themselves and the very party (PAP) built through the hard years by the Old Guards. These cronies only know how enjoy their MP or Ministerial privilege and high salary...totally indifferent and insensitive of Singaporeans feelings....

The most notable gaffe was by Raymond Lim when asked by citizens that they hope no more increase in transport fare in 2008...he just yappered from his 'empty brain' and I quote... "You want it to be free, do you want the GST to go up to 8.5% to run a completely free bus and train system?" OMG..the putrid mouth.

Another infamous gaffe was from Vivian Balakrishnan....just for a mere $20/- increase in social welfare reply to Lily Neo in parliament..."you want to eat in hawker centre, foodcourt or in restaurant?" Big mouth, miniature 'otak'

It truely shows the quality of human interaction and compassion these two nerds posess as high and might 'heartless' ministers.

There are many others too but I cannot help but to highlight this greatest PAP clown of the century... the 'honourable' Lim Swee Say...."cheap, faster and productive"'...'better, betterer and betterest'.....and the remark that 'kills' us all is ...'when I open my CPF statement everytime, I am so happy to see so much money in it.'....he can say that ...with so many S'poreans never able to see their CPF money...many do not even have the basic sum in their account.

Many of us will agree with me when I say..WE SALUTE THE OLD GUARDS...but not the younger generation 'PUNKS' (PAP)

Patrick Lee Song Juan