Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is this a wise succession plan by Chiam See Tong?

A 'wise' and experienced veteran MP, CST make the greatest blunder of his political 'dawning' career by choosing Lina as successor. Just because she is the wife. We can give any one a chance in life. But by her appearance into Potong Pasir SPP, so many things had happened. Her mouth is never washed since...uttering untruth and discord.

Desmond Lim has been CST's right hand man for 14 years and stayed faithful to assist Chiam on most of his operations. Gone through and participated in two past general elections. What has Lina did then? WHY only now coming out with nonsensical utterance. Personally I feel she brought about the controversy into SPP. Before that SPP was well run and quiet albeit only having 29 members. Kenneth of Reform Party was right to comment on the inability to persuade new members in SPP even with Chiam running the party for 25 years.

The question is a big WHY? Ask Chiam Senior.

My political foresight into this revelation and turn of events in PP, is PAP will stand a better chance to capture Potong Pasir (PP) this coming election than ever before. Seetoh is having a blessing in disguise.

Maybe, I suspect, the only vote for Lina chiam will be, not because of Lina chiam but sympathy votes for non other than Chiam See Tong. Probably, the residents are afraid CST might get a third stroke har! if his wife is NOT chosen. But as I say, the playing field is more open now..Lina is in for a beating....

MAYBE, will be the demise of political 'hegemony' in Potong Pasir by Chiam See Tong. Perhaps, senior Chiam should have taken a leaf from MM LKY...choosing Lee Hsien Loong (he has calibre, though father and son) other than any political minnows his succession process....

Patrick Lee Song Juan