Friday, August 6, 2010

We should not epitomise Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

LKY will be a legacy of regret because of his less 'awareness'
of not knowing when 'to let go'.. Yes, he was great with the old guards which helped him moulded S'pore it is today. But we must always remember..'one swallow cannot make a summer....' that is exactly what LKY is doing now....old age 'mis-wisdom'...I show respect and admiration to him with limitations.

Great people come and go...we had Napoleon, Hilter, Stalin, Karl Marx....the list goes who is LKY in the hierarchy of the Greats of History. We admire LKY but do not epitomise him as a shinning example. S'pore will produce a better 'LKY' with the pasing of his era...
the evolution of Time and Space.....realisng nothing is permanent as no one is as great as one's dead body...

As a Buddhist saying goes .."Man who do not know how to adjust to circumstances is like a corpse in a coffin." - LKY is a living 'corpse'.

patrick lee Song Juan