Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is Vivian Balakrishnan a self-serving Minister?

BLATANT AUDACITY! Yes! why don't he and all the Ministers come up with 20% of their millions salary, paid by taxpayers to fund the YOG and just see the expression on their faces....when from $128 million ballooned to $386 million ~!!

V. Bala is a lost son of S'pore, unable to empathise the life of the poor destitute and deprived S'poreans. Vivian Balakrishnan lives in a world of self-fulfilled falsity of his own lost soul, never mind about being the lost son of S'pore. God bless.

The unfolding of nature will unleash the eventuality of one's life....mighty, powerful, uncaring, incompassionate.... or loving, caring, compassionate and merciful.

We are all Children of the universe..let us see it transformed....

patrick lee song juan
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