Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inter and Intra-Party Politics and a Protagonist

Andy...not 'kinky' but you did not read the deeper implication of my write and the fact my first comment was just to sit on the 'the beach and watch the ebbing tide' guess you know what I mean?

As for the 'revealing the cleavage', I always marvel at Bryan's style of writing (else, he will not command a pay for his contribution to FB) and my bestowing him the title of 'political analyst'.

OK, let me explain my abstract connotation "I only love the dancing girls and the two chicks...torn all their attire to reveal the bare truth right"---
'the dancing girls' --refer to the bickering to and fro between parties-(perfect line-formation in seemingly unity but in total disarray) and the inter-party and intra-party disputes...don't they looked like 'dancing in 'ugly rhapsody' like performing 'ugly dance' to the public and for that matter to PAP to see and laugh.

'the two chicks' tearing at each other in Bryan's accompanying photos on his link....ahem!.. there is only one 'chick' not so young entangling a 'mid-weight sumo wrestler'-- unable to reach a common consensus on the inter-party dispute and the 'not so young chick' played into the hand of an outcast...not even a party member...but to my reliable information claimed to be 'the adviser' to CST and 'spokesman' of SPP (what audacity!)...LOL! and two other parties' SG played into his little hands... ......sad..sad..sad....PAP is laughing to the bank again.

I hope that answer your 'kinky' thing...lah!

Patrick Lee Song Juan
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